Bhavana Goparaju Born and brought up in Warangal, Telangana. Started her career in Film Industry as a writer while pursuing her Undergrad in engineering. She ventured into production in 2015 aiming to tell the unheard, untold stories to the world which she believed are needed for the world to see. She is a Social Change Catalyst working for Underprivileged children, women hoping to achieve equity one day. She is an active catalyst for Dalit rights, Women's rights. Through her magazine till 2017, she worked on many rape cases in India and her research of some rape cases through the angle of caste helped in understanding Caste and Gender violence together. She believes Maadathy happened to her in 2018. Her filmography includes Mantra (2017, Hindi) released in Theaters, Netflix in the USA, Prime, Ek Poshla Rupkatha (2018, Bengali) released on Moviesaints , Maadathy, an Unfairy Tale (2019, Tamil) is now screening all over the globe.
With the Roller Coaster ride during Covid, She founded Jeevi Films to produce more local stories for a global audience which aren't otherwise told. Her next production In The Belly of a Tiger (Hindi) already garnered International film community attention as it is the only Indian Fiction feature which got Busan Asian Cinema Fund’s Script Development fund, Only Indian Fiction Feature selected for Le Groupe Ouest Less is More script lab, Script Pool Tallinn, HAF (Hong Kong Asia Film Financing Forum). It is one in 5 scripts in the world selected for Script pool Tallinn, Top 6 scripts selected for NFDC script Lab, Finalist for NFDC Co-Production grant.
She also has an interesting Entrepreneurial journey. While in her undergrad, she was the finalist for GoldNib Fellowship Collegepreneur award and her first startup got acquired in 2014. Since then, been in Advisory positions for startups, Mentored Individuals. Worked for one of the top healthcare Organizations developing Data based products. Having her own Product development company in India, She is venturing out to help startups with the technology needed and building Startup Ecosystem in her hometown.